Cop Challenges Anti-Cop Gym Owner to Fight

Forget Mayweather vs. McGregor!

An Atlanta police officer has challenged a local gym owner who banned cops and military members from his barbell club to a boxing match — a bout that would surely rival the upcoming Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight.

The owner, Jim Chambers, faced public criticism after posting a sign on his door that read, “No f***ing cops.” In a later interview with WXIA, Chambers said that’s been a longstanding policy since he opened the EAV Barbell Club and the ban extends to members of the military, too.

“It’s not an aggressive, hetero-jock space that’s dominated by cops and soldiers,” he said. “It’s a place where you’re safe from that.”

Chambers also said he didn’t want cops to train at his gym so they couldn’t get stronger and “hurt people more efficiently.” Chamber considers anyone in uniform “an occupying enemy army.”

Well, Officer Tommy Lefever told WXIA during an interview at his home that he figures a good old-fashioned fistfight might clear the air and serve a good purpose at the same time.

"He seems like he might enjoy getting the opportunity to punch a cop in the face and I'd be happy to oblige him and give him that opportunity,” Lefever said, after skillfully working a speed bag in his garage.

But Lefever didn't offer the challenge just for bloodsport, but in hopes that it could help bring about “mutual respect for one another.”

"I found, you sweat, you bleed with somebody, you exchange punches with somebody in a sport like boxing, it's hard not to respect the guy for getting in there with you afterwards," Lefever said.

So, what does Chambers think of the idea? WXIA said after they told him about the challenge, he laughed and then said it would have to be a “fair fight” before he accepts.

Watch their coverage below: