Conservative Documentary Filmmaker Discusses 'Russia-gate' at Natl Press Club

"Obama was under Putin's control right under our noses."

Conservative filmmaker Joel Gilbert, whose most recent documentary Trump: The Art of the Insult, TruthRevolt reviewed here, discusses former President Barack Obama's pro-Russia policies, the Democrat party, and Obama's radicalization by Communist Party propagandist Frank Marshall Davis, whom Gilbert claims in his film Dreams From My Real Father is Obama's real father.

Check out the fascinating speech above. Transcript below:

I was here at the National Press Club back in 2012 where I introduced my then new film, Dreams from My Real Father and presented a mountain of evidence that Barack Obama's story of his family background, the foundation of his candidacy, was a fairy tale, a total fraud. In the film, I revealed that the foreign student and Kenyan goat herder Barack Obama, was not the President’s father, that indeed his real biological father was the man who raised him, Communist Party USA propagandist and former Soviet espionage agent Frank Marshall Davis. More importantly, I chronicled Obama’s radicalization by Davis. During his formative years, Davis was Obama’s ideological mentor, so much so that Obama left Hawaii at age 18 for Occidental college, in his own words, "to study with Marxist professors". Obama’s journey into the little known world of American Marxism was just beginning.

At the 2012 Press Club conference, I also warned that America was in grave danger with a President hiding a secret family background, because the truth would reveal Obama’s radicalism, and this information could be used by America’s adversaries.

Obama’s Pro-Russia Policies

We can now see that Barack Obama’s first term was characterized by extraordinarily pro-Russia policies. Given the daily charges leveled by Democrats, it’s time to take a hard look at what is probably the real Russia-gate conspiracy. Was President Barack Obama a Russian sympathizer given his family background? Was Obama blackmailed or controlled by Russia? Let’s revisit clips from an Obama-Romney debate, and Obama at the South Korea nuclear summit in March 2012, where a hot mic picked up the voice of a deeply worried Obama. Notice just how nervous he is.

VIDEO: Medvedev/Romney

So what do we have here? In the debate with Mitt Romney, Obama defended his pro-Russia policies, saying that Romney was out of date in being cautious about Russia. With Medvedev, you saw Obama lean over and place his hand on Medvedev’s right forearm, whispering, “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” Medvedev placed his hand on top of Obama’s and assured him, “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir. I stand with you.”

Now, this chilling exchange was not a scene from a Cold War spy movie where an American President is being blackmailed by evil Ruskies. It was real! President Obama saying that Russian policy would become American policy if he could have just a little more time. In response, “good cop” Medvedev will put in a good word with “bad cop” Vladimir, “I stand with you.” This highly suspicious exchange was clearly the back end of earlier, unfinished business. Putin had been pushing Obama for more concessions, and Obama was begging for time because Romney was holding him accountable for his inexplicable pro-Russia policies. Let’s revisit those policy moves, which give us every reason to believe Obama was under Putin’s control, right under our noses:

1 - Upon taking office in January 2009, Obama canceled the planned US missile defense system in Eastern Europe that Vladimir Putin had bitterly opposed. Mitt Romney called this action “a gift to Russia” while Putin called Obama’s move “correct and brave.”

2 – Just after Russia’s clash with Georgia, Obama concluded a new START agreement that reduced US forces, but not Russia’s.

3- Under cover of the now infamous “reset”, the US set up a joint commission to transfer previously forbidden technology to Russia. In addition, Putin scuttled an agreement on disposal of weapons-grade plutonium with no response from Obama.

4 - The US approved the transfer of 20% of American uranium deposits to a Russian owned company, Uranium One.

5 - Best of all for Russia, Obama implemented a policy of American disengagement from the world, billed as “leading from behind,” which abandoned 60 years of bipartisan American foreign policy consensus. Obama’s disengagement policy fulfilled Russia’s number one, and most elusive, global strategic objective since World War II – US withdrawal. Absent American leadership in the world, Russia was left to fill the vacuum and tip the balance of power in its favor where it saw fit. Russia invaded Crimea and intervened in Syria, even setting up a military base, with barely lip service from the White House.

Why would an American President implement pro-Russian policies so antithetical to American interests? Where did Obama’s true sympathies lie? What leverage could the Russians have had over Obama? And, why was Putin pressing Obama to deliver even more before the 2012 election? Let’s take a look:

VIDEO: Herding Goats

“My father grew up in Kenya herding goats,” Barack Obama declared over and again during his quest for the oval office. Recall that Obama’s inspiring story, backed by his autobiography, Dreams from My Father, served as the basis for the yet unknown Obama’s candidacy. However, as I chronicled in Dreams from My Real Father, the tale of a noble goat herding father from Africa was false. Obama’s dark secret served up the United States on a silver platter to Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service. Vodka glasses no doubt clinked in Moscow as the Russians could hardly believe their good fortune, because Barack Obama’s real father was one of their own,

Cold War Soviet espionage agent Frank Marshall Davis. “Pull the file!” they surely yelled as their laughter turned into celebration and refills of shot glasses. “Nasdarovia!” The Russians had plenty of information on their man Frank Marshall Davis, as did the FBI, who had him under surveillance for pro-Soviet espionage and propaganda activity for over 20 years.

Who was Frank Marshall Davis?

Who was Frank Marshall Davis? I’ll tell you. In 1930’s Chicago, Communist Party USA, “CPUSA”, was funded by and took direction from Moscow. The white American Communists in Chicago were on the lookout for prominent blacks to use as front men to bring other blacks into the Communist movement. They also sought out journalists to spread their revolutionary Marxist messages. Frank Marshall Davis, a black journalist, fit the bill on both counts and Davis became one of the first so-called “black Bolsheviks,” joining CPUSA in 1932 as a card carrying member, card number 47544. Davis began writing for Communist newspapers in Chicago, and for the next 15 years headed up a large number of Communist front organizations. Davis even taught at the Abraham Lincoln School in Chicago, a communist training school.

Following WWII, the Russians considered US naval forces in Hawaii to be an obstacle to Soviet expansion in Southeast Asia. Frank Marshall Davis was ordered to Hawaii by the Kremlin in 1948 to organize a massive strike by the dock workers union, the ILWU, with the goal of taking over the Hawaiian government and expelling US naval forces. Davis’ dock worker’s strike lasted 6 months and eventually failed. Davis stayed in Hawaii and became a writer for the Communist newspaper, The Honolulu Record, where his columns flawlessly mirrored official Soviet propaganda. He blamed American capitalism for starting World War II, denounced the Marshall Plan, and demonized President Harry Truman as a fascist, colonialist war monger who was itching to launch World War III. Anyone opposing Communism was KKK, a white supremacist. He also preached government healthcare, citizenship for illegals, wealth redistribution, and nationalization of industry, while bashing Wall Street.

In his 600 page FBI file, it was noted that Davis was observed taking photos of the Hawaiian coastline. Davis was placed on the FBI’s “Security Index A” and designated for immediate arrest in the event of a conflict with the Soviet Union. In 1956, Davis was subpoenaed by the Senate Subcommittee on Un-American Activities and pleaded the fifth, the only Constitutional amendment he liked. In August of 1961, there is overwhelming evidence that Frank Marshall Davis had a son, and they called him “Barack Obama II”, or just “Barry” for the Kenyan student who agreed to a sham marriage to cover up an affair.

Davis and Obama Career Paths

In fact Obama's career path closely mirrored Frank Marshall Davis’, the similarities are stunning. In 1930’s Chicago, white communists recruited Frank Marshall Davis as a front man to penetrate the black community. They thought Blacks could be coerced if the messenger was black too. However the Chicago Black community were no fools, these were largely hard-working, church-going Christians, with no interest in Marxism, which was atheist. They were attracted to the Christian message of love they neighbor, while the Marxist idea of war between classes turned them off. When Davis arrived in Hawaii, he was famously kicked out of the Honolulu branch of the NAACP for trying to turn it into a pro-Stalinist organization.

Breaking the War Mentality

Flash forward to March 1983, at the height of Cold War tensions between the Soviet Union and Ronald Reagan, when Barack Obama was a senior at Columbia University. In his one and only editorial in the student newspaper, The Sundial, entitled “Breaking the War Mentality”, Obama echoed Soviet anti-US propaganda, maintaining that America’s “war mentality” was the source of Cold War tensions. This propaganda, widely disseminated by the KGB at the time, claimed that if only Americans would cease their “war mentality”, tensions would disappear, that the Soviet Union was an innocent actor while the United States was belligerent. Obama’s Breaking the War Mentality article was a clear indication of his early pro-Russian bias and influence of Frank Marshall Davis, who wrote pro-Soviet propaganda for 30 years. There can be no doubt that Davis radicalized young Barry, so much so that Keith Kakugawa, Obama’s best friend in high school, told me Obama was a “Radical Wanabee”. Radical Wanabee.

Two years later, in 1985, white Chicago Communists were desperate to enlist the black community, which was highly organized around Church groups. But still, they were religious people with no interest in Marxism. Enter Barack Obama. Obama was brought from New York to Chicago by former Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers, whose father, Thomas Ayers, secured a grant from the Woods foundation for Obama to head up the Developing Communities Project, a socialist front organization. And just like his father, Obama became a front man for white communists in Chicago, recruiting blacks to support Socialist activism. Later, Obama headed up Project Vote whose goal was, in Obama’s own words, “to organize Blacks so the movement could take power." It was not "to help Black people", just “take power.”

Still, Chicago blacks were no fools. When Obama ran for Congress in 2002, he had little black support. His support came from white liberals and communists, like Bill Ayers, who promoted him throughout his early political career, while blacks did not consider Obama one of their own. Obama had worked on this problem by marrying Michelle Obama, rather than his Asian American girlfriend, Sheila Jager. According to the new book, Rising Star by David Garrow, Obama told her he had to end the relationship because QUOTE “I am not black enough” for a political career. Later Obama published an autobiography, Dreams from Father, with a great deal of help from terrorist emeritus Bill Ayers, who helped him fabricate a childhood of racial discrimination, drug taking, and life as a street kid to gain acceptance. But Obama lost badly in the Congressional race to Bobby Rush anyway. He later would gain the support of the black community nationwide with his inspiring tall tale of a distant African father, repeated ad nauseam by the media without question, and they finally bought in.

So Barack Obama, Barry, followed both the ideological path and the actual career path of Frank Marshall Davis. Both were recruited and propped up by white Communists seeking to use the black community, and both made it a lifelong passion to undermine the United States at home and abroad, like father like son…

Chicago Communists

But who were these white Chicago Communists who promoted Obama beginning in the mid-eighties? They were the former leaders of the SDS and Marxist terrorist group, the Weather Underground, whose members returned to Chicago in the early 80s after being released from prison or coming out of hiding. Back in the 1960’s, they had an evil plan, they were not an anti-

Vietnam protest movement, they were attempting to overthrow the government of the United States. The Weather Underground followed Chairman Mao’s philosophy, “A single spark can start a prairie fire”. The idea was that if a few terrorists commited murder and mayhem, the working classes would rise up and demand Communism, they would storm the Capital, just as the Bolsheviks had done. “A single spark can start a prairie fire”. So they planted bombs at the Pentagon and murdered policemen, believing this would be a successful path Communism. In their Manifesto of the same name, Prairie Fire, written by Bill Ayers, the United States would be then divided into 4 sections, occupied by the armies of Cuba, Vietnam, the Soviet Union, and China. And according to the late Larry Grathwohl, who was an FBI informant, their plan was to put 50 million Americans into “reeducation camps”, where about 25 million would likely have to be terminated for refusing Communism. The plan was so evil, it didn’t work. It turned people off. It failed so badly, most the them went to jail or disappeared. When they emerged from prison or cut deals to leave the underground in the early 1980s, they resettled in Chicago and immersed themselves into educational institutions and foundations, and even created their own socialist training school, the mid-West Academy.

Bill Ayers and the other radicals like Bernadine Dhorn, Mike Klonsky then went about teaching the new generation of young radicals like Barack Obama the bitter lesson they had learned: that open revolution could never work, it was impossible to overthrow the government from the outside. You could not look people in the eye and say “I want to take your property and murder your neighbors” and expect support. Instead, they taught that for the revolution to succeed, you must keep your socialism a secret, don’t tell anyone about your Marxism. Just look people in the eye, and tell them you want to help families, you want to give them free healthcare, that want “fairness”, you want to “problem solve” and you want “change.” Then, they taught, after you take power, throw the voters under the bus and pursue the radical agenda that no one voted for. Stealth Marxism.

It took another 25 years, and the plan succeeded! This is the story of how American socialism went from terrorism and open calls for Communist revolution in the 1960s, to Stealth socialism that continues to this day. Using a stealth strategy, the Progressives, which they now called themselves, slowly took over the Democrat party. Today the Democratic Party is a radical socialist party. Because of its stealth nature, most Democrat voters do not understand their agenda, nor what Obama meant when he called for “Fundamentally transforming America”. Nor do they understand what Bernie Sanders means when he calls for “Political Revolution.”

2008 Election

In 2007, Barack Obama burst on scene – no one knew who he was! Obama introduced himself as a middle of road, mainstream politician. He emphasized his unique background – the son of a foreign student, a Kenyan goat herder and a woman from Kansas. Obama explained that he was a constitutional law professor, that he would obey the Constitution, he would cut the deficit in half, that marriage was between a man and a woman and God, that he was a Christian, he would support Israel, he believed in a strong a defense, he would be extremely transparent, and he would reach out to Republicans, a man above politics! It-was all a lie. Obama had no intention of doing any of those things. He was following the plan of Stealth Socialism - intentionally misleading the electorate into believing he would pursue mainstream policies, when in fact his plan was a radical agenda that no one voted for. It was an assault on American Democracy, an interference in a cherished free and fair elections system where the public chooses between two candidates and their true agendas. Immediately upon taking office, according to plan, Obama began executing his radical agenda:

1. Obama implemented his pro-Russia policies.

2. He appointed those with Communist Backgrounds to top positions. CIA Director James Brennan had voted for Communist Party, while David Axelrod became a top Whitehouse advisor. Both of Axelrod’s parents where members of CPUSA. Meanwhile Valerie Jarret became a top advisor, her father in law, Vernon Jarret was a colleague of Frank Marshall Davis on the Chicago Communist Newspapers.

3. Obama went to Cairo and told the Muslim world that America was founded on the principles of Islam, and that as President he would defend Islam.

4. He forced through Obamacare with no Republican input, and made it a tax

5. He attacked Fox news and spied on the Associated Press

6. He came out in support of Gay marriage.

7. He ran up the deficit

8. He accused America again and again of being racist

9. He appointed leftist radicals to the Supreme court and every level of government

10. He politicized the justice department, the New Black Panthers were given a pass

11. There were cover ups – Fast and Furious and Benghazi

12. Nidal Hassan, the Ft Hood Islamist shooter, was just workplace violence, he had a bad day at the office

13. Obama apologized to America’s enemies and abandoned its allies

14. Obama began a series of attacks on police – recall the Harvard Professor incident, where he called them stupid

Within a short time, despite the Media whitewash, the public got it. The American electorate understood everything about the real Obama. Obama was the “Radical in Chief” that Stanley Kurtz wrote about. A grass roots movement quickly developed in response, the Tea Party, that brought about the Republican sweep of Congressional and Senate races in 2010. The public expected to easily expel Obama from office in 2012.

In 1840, French traveler Alexis Tocqueville wrote in his book, Democracy in America, that: “everyone in America has the vote and thus is a contributor to law-making. Anyone wishing to attack the law is thus reduced to adopting one of two courses: they must either change the nation's opinion or trample its wishes under foot.”

Obama did trample, he interfered in the 2012 Democratic election by unleashing the IRS against the Tea party movement and conservative organizations. This prevented conservatives from organizing for 2012, while the Left was allowed to exercise free speech unhindered. There was no need for Russian interference in 2012, we had our own Bolshevik in the White House, doing as Communist always do, using the tools of state to maintain power, the secret police or in this case the IRS.

Obama’s Second Term

Obama’s second term gave us more pro-Russian actions – starting with the Iran nuclear deal. Obama bolstered Russia’s ally Iran with his nuclear agreement, without consent of Congress, and continued to crack down on US fossil fuels, bolstering Russia’s oil industry.

And what better proof of Obama’s radicalism than the results for the black community. As illustrated in my 2014 film There's no place like Utopia, for black communities in Chicago and nationwide, everything got worse under Obama. They were “just getting poorer” they told me. From jobs to crime, to single parent families and drug cultures, to poor education, for Obama, Black Lives Didn’t Matter, as he pursued the Marxist agenda at their expense. The African Americans I spoke with were adamantly against illegals coming into their communities and driving down wages and taking jobs. They were against legalization of drugs, they were against setting free drug dealers back into their communities, they did not want transgenderism - their daughters in public restrooms with men, they did not want higher payroll taxes and local businesses driven out of their communities, and they did not want manufacturing jobs shipped to Southeast Asia. And they wanted more police in their community, they were not against the cops like Obama!

2016 Trump Elected

Last year, Donald Trump was elected, and about 2 million anti-Democracy protestors took to the streets, as the leading Democrats called for “Resistance”. Resistance is a military term, not a democratic term. In a Democracy, the term is “opposition”, which means “opposing opinion”. “Resistance” is a call to violence. Resistance was the term used by anti-Nazi partisans in WWII, and is used today by Islamist terror groups like HAMAS. This violent rhetoric of the Left not surprisingly led to Liberal violence such as the attempted assassination of leading Republican lawmakers by a left-wing activist, James Hodgkinson, where Steve Scalise was gravely injured. I call on all Democrats and their leaders to stop the violent rhetoric, and to respect the democratic process and the will of the voters.

Investigations Needed

With Republicans in control of the 3 branches of government, America expects that long overdue investigations by Congress, the Justice Department, or a Special Prosecutor will begin:

First, they must Investigate Obama’s background - while the mainstream media was repeating Obama’s tall tales about a Kenyan goat herder, Barack Obama gave the Russians the power to expose him as a fraud and upend his chances for reelection. To think the age-old art of blackmail would not have been used by the Russians against President Obama would be naïve.

Second – They must investigate and prosecute the Interference in the 2012 elections by Obama, Eric Holder, Lois Lerner and others.

Third – Investigate Liberal Violence against Police, property, and incitement to violence by Democrat leaders who call for “resistance” against democracy

Fourth – Investigate the Left and its alliance with Radical Islam. The Daily Mail reported that Antifa leaders met with ISIS leaders in Germany recently. In fact, the left and Islamists have a lot in common:

1) They both view free markets, free speech, and democracy as an obstacle to taking power, and therefore the number one mutual target.

2) Both the Left and ISIS have a passion for destruction, they love to destroy historic monuments. Both would love to blow up Mount Rushmore. By destroying monuments, they erase history. For the Left and ISIS they need to remove the connection of the people to the land, leaving them vulnerable to their radical ideologies. As Michelle Obama famously said, “we are going to change our history.” Obama did his part by illegally confiscating millions of acres of land from states and giving it to the federal government, and recall he renamed Mount Mckinley.

100 Years since the Bolshevik Revolution

This week marks 100 years since the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, Lenin’s coup, where the fantasy of the perfect world achieved through abolishing free markets and private property began its long, murderous trail of destruction, misery and suffering. Over 150 million people were murdered in peacetime by their own governments because they didn’t accept Communism. In Cambodia, they murdered everyone with glasses, because if you had glasses you could read, and they wanted to create a new humanity who only knew Communism.

Does America know better? Is America immune from falling under this disastrous ideology of destruction? Let’s revisit recent statements of two Marxist politicians we know:

VIDEO: Sanders, Obama

Obama said he wanted a civilian National Security Force! Maybe just like the Stasi in East Germany? Or the Savak? A police state. And did you see, everyone clapped! They had no idea what he was talking about, but they clapped and voted for Obama. Twice! This wasn’t the only time Obama’s Marxism burst out, sometimes he just couldn’t contain it, remember:

Of working class Americans, Obama said – “they cling to their Guns and religion”

Or “I want to spread the wealth around”

And “We will reward our friends and punish our enemies” And of course “we are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming America”

Then you have Bernie Sanders talking about breaking up businesses, and putting businessmen in jail! This is what the Bolsheviks did, this was the beginning of the path of destruction 100 years ago, when the Bolsheviks jailed the “bourgeois”, what we today call “entrepreneurs”, and government bureaucrats took over the economy. Unproductive state bureaucrats became the leading class of society, and within a few years, there was no productivity, no jobs, and no food. Starvation. Death. But last year, Americans showed up to Bernie Sanders rallies by the thousands, they were clapping, and they had no idea what he was talking about, and they voted for him!

So despite recent the electoral success of “America First” Donald Trump, I look out the window of my office in Southern California, where I have a clear view of the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, and I recall Ronald Reagan’s profound words:

Freedom is a fragile thing. It is never more than one generation away from extinction. Freedom must be fought for, protected, and handed on to the next generation to do the same.

Thank you very much, and may God Bless America…