Congressman's Shocking Claim Could Prove Disastrous For Obama

"It seems clear that this would be the best path for impeachment"

At a town hall in South Carolina, Congressman Mick Mulvaney (SC-5) made a startling accusation. reports:

According to Congressman Mulvaney, there is believed to be an email from officials inside the White House, exclaiming, “The VA scandal is killing us and we need to move on the Bergdahl trade without going through Congress."

Although Mulvaney did not produce the email, if one does exists, it could prove devastating for the Obama organization. 

According to American law, a President must notify Congress before any prisoner swap and receive their approval.  Obama ignored Congress when he made the deal.  The law does allow, however, a president to act without notifying Congress if the situation is an emergency. 

Shannon Grady writes, “If this email exists and can be brought forward as evidence it will certainly eliminate the President’s claim that he acted in the event of an emergency- it seems clear that this would be the best path for impeachment.”