College Course Seeks Answers Why Some Females ‘Become Right-Wing’

Is that so terrible?

The fact that some women are conservative is so baffling to educators there is now a course seeking the reasons why such an anomaly exists.

Amherst College in Massachusetts is reportedly offering students a chance to find those answers through the course, “Contemporary Debates: Women and Right-Wing Populism.” And you’ll never guess which department is in charge: the Sexuality, Women’s & and Gender Studies Department.

The course description reads:

Why have some women become prominent right-wing leaders and activists while others have allied with leftist, anti-racist, and other progressive forces to fight for the rights of women and other marginalized groups? How have transnational forces influenced both forms of women’s activism? To what extent are there cross-national similarities in the impact of the far right surge on women, gender and sexuality?

Would it also surprise our readers to learn that required reading for the course includes Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale? Probably not.

In addition, the class’s final research paper must include musings on Islamophobia and “anti-immigrant sentiments,” because what anti-conservative course doesn’t cover those topics?

All this for the low, low price of $67,000 per year!

Sources: Campus Reform,  Washington Times