CNN: Trump Violating First Amendment and Should Be Removed

“He is renouncing his oath of office."

In keeping with their reputation for being to the left of the left politically, a CNN media panel lost all sense during Sunday night’s installment of the ironically-titled Reliable Sources—a show which examines how those reporting the news can shape it.  

In response to President Trump condemning NBC News via Twitter, host Brian Stelter said:

“These next words from President Trump, this tweet I'm about to show you, these are not the words of a western democratic leader.  They’re the words of an autocrat.”

Stelter didn’t explain how Trump’s words defined him as a ruler with absolute power, but before that question could be much entertained, Stelter’s two guests made a claim as bizarre as anything you’re likely to hear from the Left this week (and that’s really saying something):  they said the President’s words of criticism toward the Peacock were in violation of NBC’s First Amendment rights, and therefore President Trump should be removed from office.

After showing a Presidential tweet calling the media’s constant publishing of inaccurate stories—such as the falsehood that he wanted to increase America’s nuclear arsenal—“disgusting” and a reason for them to have their licenses examined, Stelter said Trump’s anger was “an example of his disregard for the power of the press.”  The host also pointed out that the President had written 12 tweets during the week dismissing media accounts as “fake news.”

“Trevor, make the case...that the President already has violated the First Amendment here just through his words,” Stelter lobbed.

In response, Trevor Timm, executive director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, declared:

“Actually, there is a good argument that he is…violating the First Amendment just by making these threats. You know, there are Supreme Court cases and appeals court cases around the country that talk about how government officials, using their positions of power, can't threaten or coerce private entities in censorship or self-censoring themselves for cases that would otherwise be protected speech.”

Blogger Jennifer Rubin chimed in, saying, “In his denunciation…that the press get to write whatever they want, he is renouncing his oath of office.”

Rubin escalated:

“[Congressional Republicans] should conduct hearings-- they should begin considering in the totality of his behavior whether [President Trump] is unfit to hold office…They haven't--they haven't demanded any hearings, and now they are in danger of not upholding their oath.”

So, essentially, anyone in Congress who doesn't want Donald Trump to be impeached is in violation of their oath.  And Donald Trump is in violation of his oath for being...Donald Trump.  Therefore, we deduce that, essentially, only Democrats should hold office.  Way to go, CNN-- you really outdid yourself this time.