CNN Overreacts on Net Neutrality Vote: ‘End of Internet as We Know It’

The sky is falling!

On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 to end President Obama’s overreach with his net neutrality regulations which made the federal government the sole arbiter of what happens on the Internet. 

Everyone is freaking out, including the mainstream media. But Chicken Little CNN had one of the most outrageous overreactions with one of its headlines:

“End of the internet as we know it”


That’s not how FCC Chairman Ajit Pai sees it:

“It is not going to destroy the internet. It is not going to end the internet as we know it. It is not going to kill democracy. It is not going to stifle free expression online.

“Following today’s vote, Americans will still be able to access the websites they want to visit. They will still be able to enjoy the services they want to enjoy. There will still be cops on the beat guarding a free and open internet. This is the way things were prior to 2015, and this is the way they will be once again.”

Author Brad Thor shared a “fixed it for you” post on Twitter to let everyone know they can calm down:



If CNN keeps this up, they’re going to be dead last in the ratings. Oh, wait, they already are. According to Media Equalizer, the fake news outlet were last in the 2017 Nielsen ratings for primetime cable news.