Chuck Todd Upset That Trump Delegitimizes the Illegitimate Press

"This is not a laughing matter."

During President Donald Trump‘s hour-long press conference Thursday, MSNBC host Chuck Todd tweeted that he was not amused by the President's assault on the news media's credibility.

Mediaite reports that the Meet the Press host live-tweeted the event, at times suggesting that he didn’t believe the President was telling the truth. He also indicated that what Mediaite described as the "rambling press conference" would not do much to help Trump establish better relations with Congress.

But what most concerned Todd most was Trump’s constant hammering of the press and his labeling of them as “fake news”:

What Todd and many others in the mainstream media STILL don't grasp is that it is the activist media who has delegitimized themselves through their blatant leftist bias, which is a large part of the reason Donald Trump inhabits the White House now. And it is the press' defiant rejection of objectivity and balance, not Trump's criticism of the media, that is un-American.

Someone from the news media urging people to take off their partisan hats? Now THAT's amusing.