Brian Williams Praised McCain’s ‘Moral Courage’ to Keep Obamacare

Lyin’ Brian lets that bias slip in.

With no attempt to contain his extreme bias, MSNBC's Brian Williams said it took “moral courage” for Republican Sen. John McCain to vote to keep Obamacare and he hopes it's contagious.

Williams prompted panelist Charlie Sykes on his Friday evening program:

“Charlie, much was made of that moment, a moment of moral courage, a man staring down his own mortality yet again, not the first time in his life. But let’s also talk about the courage of Murkowski of Alaska and Collins of Maine, because without those two women, there is no moment like that for John McCain. My question to you: Is that kind of courage, for people cheering them on, going to be contagious?”

Williams began the segment talking with Steve Schmidt, a GOP strategist, praising the “hero” Republicans of the Watergate scandal as a backdrop to his comment on McCain:

“Steve, as we always say, the heroes of Watergate were, for the most part, Republicans. At least the surprise as it un-spooled. And the surprise in the end. Are you looking for that same thing of course coming off last night? Murkowski, Collins and McCain in the well of the Senate. Are you looking for Republicans to change their behavior and comments?”

For McCain’s big moment, which sent a quick wave of applause throughout the floor by Senate Democrats, Williams added:

“In the well of the Senate, it came down to one very dramatic moment. Senator John McCain walks in, asks to be recognized, raises that right arm broken three different places in North Vietnam, a quick indicator with a thumbs down. The Democrats briefly react, Senator Schumer waives off any verbal reaction. But with that, it was done. Seven years of talk about repeal and replace done in one hand gesture.”

Isn’t it strange that Williams only praises Republicans when it fits the narrative he prefers?

Watch the clip below via Newsbusters: