Black Lives Matter Teens Knock Out, Rob Marine Corps Vet

Do veteran lives matter?

In yet another incident involving Black Lives Matter, a Marine Corps combat veteran was eating at McDonald's and was apparently harassed, knocked unconscious, and robbed by a group of teenagers who called him a racist while asserting talking points from the "movement."

The Blaze reports:

“Do you believe black lives matter?” they asked him repeatedly. When Marquez ignored them, they began shouting that he was a racist.

After finishing his food, Marquez left the restaurant. As he was walking out to the parking lot, he allegedly sustained a blow to the back of his head, which knocked him unconscious.

The vet awoke to find his pants ripped and his wallet, which contained $400, three credit cards, his VA medical card, school identification, metro card and driver’s license, missing.

The manager of the restaurant watched the security tape and confirmed the teens struck him from behind, knocking him unconscious, before surrounding and robbing him. The Daily Caller obtained copies of the medical report from his later visit to a hospital and found that he was treated for "head trauma and an eye contusion."

Police are investigating the incident but have not yet released any information. Marquez noted that when he was in the Marine Corps, race was not an issue, and that he worked with people of "many different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, and races." Indeed, fought for their freedoms. But he was very clear about what he believes motivated both the attack on him, and other similar attacks.

“I believe this was a hate crime and I was targeted because of my skin color,” Marquez told The Daily Caller. “Too many of these types of attacks have been happening against white people by members of the black community and the majority of the mainstream media refuses to report on it.”