Barbara Walters Kisses Joe Biden on The View

Barbara Walters wasted no time on Tuesday literally kissing up to Vice President Joe Biden.

Joe Biden brought the ladies of The View gifts during his appearance on Tuesday. In response, the ladies gushed and giggled, and Barbara Walters went in for a big kiss from the Vice President. Asked Walters:

Is one allowed to kiss a vice president to say thank you?

Biden looked immediately interested and responded:

Oh! I'd love that!

The crowed and Walters' co-hosts, Sherri Shepherd, Whoopi Goldberg and Jennie McCarthy all "ood" and "awed" with giddy excitement as the Vice President leaned in for his kiss. It almost appeared as if Biden was expecting mouth to mouth but Barbara turned her head slightly and he got the cheek instead. He then joked:

This is the most comfortable couch I've ever been on!

Walters told Vice President Biden that she did not expect him to make his announcement about running for president on her program, but she said that she would love it if he did. Continuing the flirtatious tone, Biden took Barbara's hand and said he'd come back only if Walters would stick around and do the interview. All three co-hosts seemed amused and shocked by his answer but Goldberg's look was the most priceless.

When Walters said to Biden:

If Hillary does not run, will you... You have said that if she runs for president you will not run. 

Biden immediately interrupted and said:

No I haven't! 

He then went on to give a canned campaign like response about why someone should run for president and said he thinks his experience and agenda would be a good fit for the White House.