Anti-Gun Brady Campaign Reaches New Low: ‘Guns Don’t Kill People, Toddlers Do — seriously.

A self-described “satirical” ad campaign by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has reached a new low even for the anti-gun lobbyists by declaring, “Guns don’t kill people, toddlers do.”

The video featured at, is a fear-mongering free for all with young children precariously pointing guns at everybody and everything. A menacing soundtrack accented with loud gunshots and blood splatter is accompanied by a deeply concerned voice stating:

“America’s got a real problem. It’s time we did something. We need to lock them up. Not the guns — that's just un-American. The toddlers. Round them up. Deport them. Get them out of our country and keep them away from our guns.

“Keep America safe. Stop the toddlers now.”

Get it? See, they’re trying to say that since toddlers accidentally shoot themselves or another person every week on average that something must be done. They’re of course ignoring that yes, sometimes accidents happen, and glossing over the fact that there are irresponsible gun owners out there. But by appealing to emotions rather than logic, they can subtly blame the guns and in this case, they do it by “comically” blaming toddlers.

The jokes continue on the site:

If you really want to keep America safe, get out & vote for lifesaving gun laws or get the toddlers out.

Drop off your toddler no questions asked. Keep them away from our guns, at any of our toddler amnesty drop-off sites. Coming soon to a location near you.

A T-shirt is for sale featuring a baby pointing a gun, as well as a “sold out” baby onesie that states: “Guns don’t kill people, I do.” Cute. There’s even a “toddler detention center” playpen that’s also “sold out.”

The site closes with a map of the United States covered in dots with an ominous message as if they’re predators: “Toddlers are closer than you think.”

The Bradys obviously have a friend in Michael Moore who also rephrased the NRA’s motto “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” to “Guns don’t kill people, Americans kill people.”