Another Violent Thanksgiving for Chicago - 44 Shot

The carnage continues in the strictly gun-controlled city.

This last Thanksgiving weekend was the second most violent one in recent years for Chicago, with nearly four dozen shootings taking place over the four-day holiday.

Liberty One News reports that from Wednesday afternoon to early Monday, 44 people were shot in the Democrat-led, strictly gun-controlled city -- eight fatally.

The left and the mainstream media continue the cover-up of what may be the most horrific carnage in the history of America.

A site called Hey Jackass which tallies up Chicago crime notes that the shooting total thus far just for the month of November is 34 killed, 149 wounded. To date in 2017, a total of 3333 people have been shot in Chicago, 581 fatally.

Of the homicide victims, 77.6 percent were black and police were involved in less than two percent of the shootings.

But by all means, news media, let's ignore this ongoing criminal carnage and focus your outrage instead on President Trump's latest tweet.