Andrea Mitchell 'Interviews' Wendy Davis About Wheelchair-bound Greg Abbott's 'Supposed Disability'

Plus Davis Dodecatuples Down On Abbott Ad: He's Also Kind Of Rapey

Today, Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis appeared on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell to discuss the now infamous "cripple" ad that has landed Davis' campaign in hot water. During the course of the interview, host Mitchell abundantly proved her partisan bona fides, particularly with one almost inexplicably ridiculous assessment of Davis opponent Greg Abbott as having a "supposed" disability.

"Could you have gone after what you see as his hypocrisy .... without this stark image of the empty wheelchair which seemed to be trying to point people toward his own supposed disability."

Abbott is a paraplegic, as he has been for 30 years. But Mitchell apparently doubts his sincerity. Does he really mean it when he's in a wheelchair? After all, he's a Republican. But that was only the most blatant of Mitchell's advocacy for Davis, who for her part dodecatupled down on the ad.

Where even to begin? Mitchell begins by granting in advance that the ad was correctly pointing out hypocrisy, essentially conceding the entire interview, then attempts to refocus attention specifically on the picture of a wheelchair. As if to say that it was merely that photo in the video that constitutes the sum total of the controversy.

And of course, this absolutely gag-inducing question:

"Do you see this as the central issue of your campaign? Rather than, for instance, the shutting down of the clinics throughout the state, which have made it so difficult for women throughout Texas to go to Planned Parenthood and get medically necessary abortions?

Shorter Andrea Mitchell: Wouldn't you agree this controversy is stupid and Greg Abbott is a faker who hates women and everyone should vote for you?

Hard. Hitting.

But don't forget Davis herself, who just can't stop taking potshots at Abbott's legs. Right in the beginning she suggests that Abbott kicked (WITH HIS LEGS!) the ladder (THAT HE CLIMBED WITH HIS LEGS) down and away from other people. (BECAUSE IT'S A SUPPOSED DISABILITY GET IT???)

Davis stands by her ad, and also suggests that Abbott might be pretty OK with rape and cocaine. One can only wonder when the Davis campaign will be launching their new ad featuring a mirror with a few white flecks upon it, a crack across it, and a reflection of prison bars in the background. "A vote for Abbott is a vote for rape," it might say. "You're not pro-rape ... are you?"