Americans With Unprecedentedly Low Faith In Any Branch Of Government

Confidence in President, Congress and Supreme Court all near historic lows

Less than one in three Americans have faith in any branch of government, a new poll from Gallup shows.

The country's faith in the presidency sits at 29%, while faith in Congress continues to hover at less than 10 percent. But faith in the Supreme Court is also now at 30%, down from 41% in 2005.

The poll shows that Americans' confidence in each of the three branches of government has dropped by double digits in the last decade.

As the Washington Post points out, the fact that all three branches of government have such low levels of approval is an historic accomplishment of some note: 

Numbers like these make clear that the "things have always been bad" storyline misses the mark.  It is absolutely true that Congress, especially, has never been a terribly confidence-inspiring institution. But the declining confidence in the Supreme Court and the presidency has combined to create a level of distrust with all levers of government that has never been seen before.