Alumni 'Ashamed' of Brandeis Response to Anti-Cop Statements

“They get no more alumni contributions from me.”

Alumni from Brandeis University have been voicing their opinions on the university’s response to the controversy over a student representative’s anti-law enforcement tweets expressing “no sympathy” for the two NYPD officers murdered execution-style in Brooklyn Saturday. In several online forums—including the Facebook pages of Brandeis Alumni, President Fred Lawrence, and Americans for Peace and Tolerance—university alumni have expressed "shame" and outrage for the university’s failure to discipline the student responsible for the tweets, some even stating that they have decided to stop sending contributions to the school, while others have defended the freedom of speech of students to both make offensive remarks and report those remarks.

After Brandeis student activist and TruthRevolt contributor Daniel Mael came under fire for exposing the controversial tweets of an African and Afro-American Studies student representative, many have expressed support for his right to report on the statements, including Americans for Peace and Tolerance which created a Facebook page expressing solidarity with the Mael in the face of death threats and pressure from students for him to face disciplinary action for exposing the student leader.

“The Aayan Hirsi Ali episode last spring has shown that Brandeis administrators are not exactly profiles in courage when faced with left-wing bully tactics,” the APT page states. “It’s therefore extremely important that we push back twice as hard against Khadijah’s hateful supporters and their assault on Daniel. Write to Brandeis President Fred Lawrence at [email protected] and call on him to take all necessary steps to guarantee Daniel’s safety and freedom of speech.”

Below are some of the comments from Brandeis alumni:

-Sad commentary from the university from which I graduated. They get no more alumni contributions from me. Marxism, the PC culture and censorship of anti-Islamic speech have infested my alma mater, reminiscent of radicals like classmate Cathy Powers who assisted Black Power radicals in killing a Boston policeman. Disgusting.

-The fact that a student at Brandeis would be proud of herself for this is why I do not support the school that I went to. I am disgusted and this is not the first time that Brandeis students and the school have supported things I am ashamed of.

-This makes me embarrassed to be a Brandeis graduate

-I am a Brandeis alum...and I wrote the the univerisity about the doplorable rhetoric being spewed by Kadijah Lynch. I got a pat rote answer in reply that distances the university from her hate speech. However...the university did not take a position any stronger than words. I am ashamed of Brandeis University. Ashamed of my Alma mater.

-We end injustice by fighting injustice, not by fighting with it. Absolutely NO ONE should be receiving death threats, and as a former AND current Brandeis student, I am ashamed and appalled that any Brandeisian could EVER think that's an appropriate response to a situation. I also believe that no one DESERVES to be killed, including police officers. Finally, while it is her right to speak her mind, and I will defend that to the end, we shouldn't approve of the deaths of unknown police officers because we think it's balancing the scales of justice. An eye for an eye leaves the world blind.

-I am a Brandeis Alum. I feel ashamed that my school can tolerate this . There is freedom of speech but if this is how she feels about this country ...then leave and live where all is perfect ( no such country ). But first pay back the grants the Alums gave to Brandeis that paid for Ms Lynch education!

-Neither should be expelled for their opinions. Whether we like them or not. What the college should be doing is requiring extra sociology & psychology classes so the students can learn about group think and various personality disorders.

-I don't like what she said. I don't agree with what she believes. I am proud to be a member of a community where people can hold unpopular opinions. And Mr. Mael has the exact same right to stand up in the face of that opinion and mae his own case. What worries me is the trend towards castigating someone who responds to hate. Neither should be expelled nor threatened with much.…

-I'm a Brandeis alum as well. I also teach now at Tufts University. I don't believe either student should be expelled. Call me crazy but this strikes me as an opportunity for this institution of higher learning to actually educate. The only way out of this conundrum is dialogue and education. If you simply expel the descenting opinion then you send a message of hopelessness. Even worse, you run the risk allowing dangerous points of view to fester as opposed to maybe swaying them slightly.

-Maybe Brandeis should offer full scholarships to Officer Ramos' children to show that they do not support such evil.