Accidental Gun Deaths Lowest Since 1903

Be sure to tell your anti-gun friends.

One way gun control activists like to spread fear about guns is to point to accidental shooting deaths in America. However, a new study has revealed that those accidents are at their lowest since 1903 despite the surge in gun sales over the last few years.

The National Safety Council’s annual “Injury Facts” put accidental gun deaths at 489 in 2015, according to the Washington Examiner. That’s a 17% drop over the previous year and the lowest since record-keeping began in 1903. Twenty-three million guns were sold that year.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) added:

"That's about three-tenths of 1 percent of the 146,571 total accidental deaths from all other listed causes. The decrease came in a year that saw record firearms sales to many millions of Americans.”

Gun sales continue to rise. In 2016, the number of guns sold topped 27 million. If anything, this statistic shows that gun owners are, in fact, responsible and treat their weapons with care and respect, as NSSF president Steve Sanetti said:

"This latest release from the National Safety Council shows that the vast majority of the 100 million American firearms owners meet the serious responsibilities which come with firearms ownership. They store their firearms safely and securely when not in use, and follow the basic rules of firearms safety when handling them."

Prescription drug abuse is the number-one killer in America. Statistically speaking, it’s far more dangerous to fall, ride in a car, be a pedestrian, ride a motorcycle, swim, eat food, or any number of other everyday things than being accidentally shot with a firearm (or even intentionally).