The Leftist Virtue of Deceit

The always-insightful Bret Stephens had a fascinating insight in his Wall Street Journal column this week. In a piece headlined “Hillary and the Liberal Way of Lying,” Stephens put forward a theory as to why Bill and Hillary are both able to lie so successfully.

“To you and me, the Clinton lies were statements demonstrably at variance with the truth, and therefore wrong and shameful. But to the initiated they were an invitation to an intoxicating secret knowledge...  That the lying was for the greater good, usually to fend off some form of Republican malevolence.”

I think this is true, but I don’t think the Clintons invented this form of lying. They simply exemplify it. Since leftism began its fume-like rise in this country in the 1960’s, lying as a form of virtue has become central to its philosophy.

What is political correctness, after all, but institutionalized lying-as-virtue? No one really believes, for instance, that women and men, speaking generally, have the same capabilities and predilections. But somehow proclaiming what we know to be false is supposed to lead to a more equal society. Therefore we are virtuous when we tell the lie and we are mean and bad and sexist when we speak what is obvious to everyone.

Rudy Giuliani was pilloried by corrupt journalists for saying the president doesn’t love America, but who on earth believes he does? He went to a church for 20 years where the pastor routinely preached America’s damnation. He was friendly with an anti-American terrorist. He promised to “fundamentally transform” the country. What evidence is there that he even likes our country?

The point of the attacks on Giuliani was not that the mayor was wrong. The point was that telling the truth made him a bad man. The lie of Obama’s patriotism is a virtue because it allows the president to do what the left feels needs doing without being asked uncomfortable questions about his motives.

Obama lied when he said he never heard Jeremiah Wright make the anti-American statements he routinely made. He lied when he said the terrorist Bill Ayers was just “a guy who lives in my neighborhood.” He lied when he told us we could keep our doctors under Obamacare. He lied about the murderous attacks on Benghazi.

And yet Governor Scott Walker was attacked for doubting the president’s professions about his Christian faith. Really? Does anyone actually think the president believes in salvation through Christ’s resurrection? This graceless, mean-spirited little man who makes smirky attacks on Christians at Easter even while those Christians are being martyred around the world in first-century numbers? Please.

But you lack virtue if you don’t believe in Obama’s lies. Because if they’re exposed, he might not be able to continue the "good" work he has set out to do for us whether we like it or not.

I don’t have to list here the lies that Hillary and the Clinton machine have told over the years: the disgraceful attacks on the women who claimed Bill abused them; the cover-up of the Whitewater malfeasance; the fake residence in New York to qualify for the Senatorial election; the blaming of Benghazi on a video; the email fiasco — that’s just off the top of my head.

But if Hillary wins the nomination, it will become unvirtuous — sexist — to mention those lies. Because if you do, then Hillary might lose and the presidency might fall to some Republican who believes in the Constitution and in liberty even for the little guy who disagrees with the elite.

And where’s the virtue in that?