Andrew Klavan: Who Still Supports Barack Obama?

In which our host, Andrew Klavan, interviews one of the last remaining Obama supporters in an attempt to glean insight into what makes them so loyal. 


RT - Interview With an Obama Supporter

I’m Andrew Klavan and this is the Revolting Truth.

President Obama’s approval ratings have now dropped below those of Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Geoffrey Dahmer and Genghis Khan.  Although I’m not sure those last two were actually presidents. But the point is, only around forty percent of the people now think the president is doing a good job. This raises an important question:  FORTY PERCENT???  WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING???

In the past, hampered by primitive technology — like TV dominated by Democrats pretending to be journalists — it would’ve been difficult to determine why presidential approval is not now limited to six guys in propeller hats receiving secret messages from Jupiter.

But today, through the miracle of Chalk-o-Vision, we here at the Revolting Truth are able to interview a real-life American who actually believes the President is doing well.

So please welcome loyal Democrat voter Ms. Babbitty Stupid. Ms. Stupid, thank you for being here.

BS: Squawk.

Ms. Stupid - Babbitty if I may - some of us on the right are mystified as to why you continue to support Barack Obama.  

BS: Barrack, Barack!

Yes, but our Gross National Product has taken a disastrous downturn and even in this so-called recovery, we’re not creating enough jobs to keep up with the population.

BS:  Barrack, Barack!

But the president has corrupted the IRS and the Justice Department, abandoned our borders, lied to us. He’s ignored the legislative process so often even liberal law professor Jonathan Turley has said he’s “becoming the very danger the constitution was designed to avoid.”

BS:  Barrack, Barack!

But look at his foreign policy!  He lost the war in Iraq we’d already won, and has allowed our enemies to grow stronger everywhere.

BS: Barack!

Y’know, I hate to say this, but some of us are beginning to believe that people like you are ignoring the disaster of this administration simply because the president is black.

BS:  Black, black!

It seems a very pernicious form of racism to exempt someone from simple standards of honesty and competence because of the color of his skin.

BS:  Black!

But if we continue to follow the nonsensical logic of identity politics instead of the guidelines of integrity and constitutional law, what will befall us in the future?

BS: [Pause] Hillary Clinton?

I’m Andrew Klavan with the Revolting Truth.