Stop The Sexist Martin Bashir

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Friday, vile MSNBC host Martin Bashir continued the left's war on women, suggesting Sarah Palin deserved to have someone "p*ss" and "s**t" in her mouth because he didn't like her comparison of the national debt to slavery.   

Never mind the fact that Bashir himself - as well as Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton - is no stranger to slavery comparisons.

Aimed against any other woman, a statement like this would result in widespread outrage - not only from the so-called feminist left, but from all reasonable Americans. The host would find himself bereft of sponsors and almost certainly his job.

But unless MSNBC and the sponsors of this sexist pig are publicly shamed, we can expect absolutely no punitive response.

Please join us in telling MSNBC to Stop the Sexist Bashir by signing the petition below, tweeting using hashtag #StopSexistBashir, and contacting Bashir's sponsors to let them know they shouldn't be signing checks to sexists like Bashir.