YouTube Bashes Thanksgiving and Spreads the Leftist 'Indigenous' Lie

"Thanksgiving’ is a loaded word."

As Americans were gathered around dinner tables yesterday, counting their blessings and happy to be with their families in this greatest country on earth, YouTube was hoping for a different kind of commemoration. The ubiquitous video site made clear that citizens of the United States should spend the holiday processing our national shame.

YouTube expressed its radical politics with a post on Twitter Thursday, using a video about Thanksgiving made by the left-wing propaganda machine for young girls known as Teen Vogue. The tweet which accompanied the video reads:

“‘Thanksgiving’ is a loaded word. These girls explain what it means to indigenous people.”

Of course, the tweet is awash in leftist, anti-American ignorance: “indigenous” doesn’t apply to American Indians any more than to immigrants from Europe. The people comprising the various tribes of the Indians traveled to the North American continent from Asia, via the Bering Strait. But when it comes to shaming the United States, the Left rarely lets facts get in their way. One girl in the video even says, "I'm thankful for being born indigenous to this country." Uh, that describes every person born in the United States, equally. Or none at all.

The tweet also includes a gif of young American Indian women turning over a Thanksgiving table with pride. The Teen Vogue video features Amerindian women castigating Americans for celebrating property theft and genocide, complete with a doom-and-gloom soundtrack.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone was happy with YouTube’s leftist, Anti-American activism:








America is at war, and its enemies, sadly, are within. They wish this country doom, and they fight with lies and weaponize shame. The answer to the question in the last tweet above — “Can [they] stop ruining everything?” — is “No.”