Youtube Bans Another Prager U Video

"Hate Speech"

Youtube's ardor to usher in a new era of Orwellian censorship arose once again Monday when the media giant issued yet another ban on a Prager U video.

Back in October, Youtube declared war on the conservative movement when they openly banned 21 Prager U videos from being shown on their platforms, alleging they contained inappropriate content. That list became 22 videos as of Monday morning.

From Prager U's press release today:

Prager University (PragerU), a conservative online video production site, announced today that YouTube has placed an outright ban on its new video with Kasim Hafeez, a Muslim and a pro- Israel activist. Mr. Hafeez’s video—“Born to Hate Jews”—is about his fight against the anti-Semitism, intolerance, and radicalization that defined his upbringing in England.

YouTube, though, labeled it as “hate speech,” and removed the video from its site on Monday morning, just hours after PragerU uploaded it.

Monday’s development escalated a months-long pattern by YouTube of “restricting” PragerU videos that the media giant deems offensive and inappropriate. On Oct. 11, PragerU launched a petition to protest YouTube’s placement of 21 PragerU videos into “restricted mode”. That petition has received over 85,000 signatures, but YouTube has held steady in its censorship, and still restricts 17 PragerU videos, in addition to its ban of Monday’s video with Mr. Hafeez.

Jared Sichel, PragerU’s Communications Director, said that PragerU filed a formal complaint on Monday with both YouTube and Google, and has re-launched its petition.

“YouTube’s removal of PragerU’s video is particularly alarming. YouTube labeled the video as ‘hate speech,’ which is ironic since the video is about fighting hatred and anti-Semitism, and is presented by a Muslim,” Sichel said.

Mr. Hafeez, who is the Outreach Coordinator for Christians United for Israel, said: “It’s disturbing that a video about how I don’t hate Jews anymore is flagged hate speech. George Orwell would blush.”

YouTube’s decision to remove this video is de facto censorship, and may prevent hundreds of thousands, or millions of people from hearing its valuable message.

To sign PragerU's petition, please click here.

To view the original video, please click here.