Your Feel-Good Story of the Day: Homeowner Plugs Two Thugs Robbing Him

"If I hadn't had the gun, this news story would be about me and my mother being dead."

A man in Dekalb County, Georgia is thankful today for the presence of a gun in his home, crediting that fact with saving his own life and his mother's after two men forced their way into his home and began beating them and demanding money.

From ABC station WTVM:

"When I opened the door, these two guys stormed in with guns and started pistol-whipping me and took me to the ground," said Hernandez.

One of the intruders went after his mother, who was trying to escape.

"He started pistol whipping and kicking her in the side," he said.

The son's attacker demanded money and forced him through the house at gunpoint. He took him to a guest bedroom and threw him to the ground.

"He put a gun to my head,” Hernandez said, “and I just started fighting back."

Hernandez said it just so happened that his father's old hunting rifle was stashed away in that guest room. Hernandez had been thinking about refinishing it. During the scuffle, Hernandez managed to grab the rifle, and he started firing.

Bullets struck both men. Wounded, they both fled the house. One collapsed dead in a neighbor's yard. The other man hopped in a getaway car, but later collapsed in the parking lot of a Zaxby's restaurant. He remained in critical condition until passing Thursday from his wounds. 

This is what freedom to defend oneself looks like. This freedom is what is under threat from gun control nuts in America. As Hernandez put it:

"I feel like if I hadn't had the gun in there, this whole news story would be about me and my mother being dead in this house," he said.

The right to defend oneself is absolute. The right to do so with a gun is God-given and constitutionally guaranteed. The left doesn't see it that way. One wonders what Hernandez and his mother would have done a couple of years into a gun-grabbing Hillary administration.

Died, probably.

h/t Weasel Zippers (click through for video)