Women's Media Center Made Up an Award to Give Hillary Clinton

"Like Wonder Woman, she seems to have superhuman strength, resilience, and courage."

The Women's Media Center (WMC) was founded by Gloria Steinem, Robin Morgan, and Jane Fonda to work "toward media equality using interconnected strategies of research, original stories and articles, promotion of women experts and media training." In 2017, however, they have a very special project in mind: making Hillary Clinton feel better about herself. With that in mind, they have completely made up the "WMC Wonder Woman Award" for her as a consolation prize for losing in such epic fashion, and then going on a worldwide tour in which she blamed everyone but herself for losing. 

This is from the official press release. For real:

The Women’s Media Center is presenting its first—and only—WMC Wonder Woman Award to Clinton as she is a hero to millions in the United States and around the globe for her extraordinary accomplishments and public service. Like Wonder Woman, she seems to have superhuman strength, resilience, and courage. She also blazes new paths so that everyone has equal opportunity to pursue their dreams, and she has done much of it in the face of enemy fire.

What enemy fire? Like the time she landed in Bosnia under sniper fire?

It goes on to say:

Hillary Clinton’s actions have inspired and protected women and men on every continent. She has battled negative forces and helped to maintain a fragile peace with her negotiating skill on behalf of this country and peace-seekers everywhere. She has handled all this with grace, grit, determination, integrity, humor, and fortitude while remaining a steadfast feminist, advocate, activist, sister and tireless leader in the revolution. With this award, the Women’s Media Center declares Hillary Clinton our Wonder Woman.

As Newsbusters pointed out, Hillary Clinton also compared herself to Wonder Woman. So, the WMC made up an award for her and named it after something she has called herself. Could this year get any more embarrassing for her? It's getting painful to watch.