Women, Christians Flee Abuse and Assault at Muslim Refugee Centers in Germany

Torn Bibles, smashed crosses and even physical attacks.

German newspaper Die Welt reports this week of a growing crisis in "migrant" centers in Germany, as Muslim men are assaulting anyone who happens to not be a Muslim man. The refugees are being put into separate facilities, but many are simply fleeing to escape the persecution.

Here is an automatic translation of some of the article:

Torn Bibles and insults, demolished crosses and even blows to the face: The complaints about violence in refugee camps do not stop.

The sexual abuse is rampant. As we have seen on the streets in Germany from roving bands of Muslim rape gangs, so we see in the refugee centers myriad abuses and sexual assaults of women and girls. The government tries to keep separation and even has to have secret, hidden housing for more at risk groups, such as those who are slaves in the Islamic State. Which is Islamic, we might add.

From Breitbart London:

Separation of migrants has been a policy when it comes to extremely vulnerable minorities. Yazidi girls who were used as sex slaves by the Islamic State are housed in secret locations in Germany so as not to attract unwanted attention from migrants sympathetic to the Islamic State or Muslims who view them as nothing more than sexual objects. A purported 1,100 of these women live in various special shelters across Germany.

One victim of sexual abuse is said to have been only eight years old at the time of her abuse by ISIS. Another girl had to be treated by specialist burn victim doctors because the constant sexual torment drove her to try and light herself on fire in a failed attempt at suicide.

In Freibeurg, some 200 women live in secret. The head of the Baden-Wurttemberg state chancellery Klaus-Peter Murawski warns that ISIS militants may be actively monitoring the project in hopes of getting revenge against the women. This warning was proven accurate when an ISIS commander was found at an asylum home earlier this week.

Despite all that, as Breitbart London notes, today's edition of U.K. newspaper The Guardian blames the troubles in Europe on the far right and anti-Muslim bigotry. A tactic that no doubt seems familiar to Americans.