'Women Against Feminism' Gaining Steam

I don't need feminism because...

Feminists all across social media are spewing venom toward a new group calling themselves Women Against Feminism. The group consists of women around the world posting selfies to denounce modern feminism and its “toxic culture.”  

The movement began on Tumblr shortly before moving to Twitter and Facebook, where its followers have grown exponentially. Below are just a few examples of their loud and passionate voices:

The group has gained tremendous steam and has already elicited fierce attacks from those in feminist circles. In the time-honored technique of feminists finding themselves backed up against the wall when their ideology faces exposure, the attackers claim these women have no idea what they're talking about and are completely ignorant to the true meaning of feminism. 

As expected, feminists at The Daily Beast, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, and Bustle have all penned diatribes against the group, each more venomous than the last, all agreeing these women are "woefully misinformed" while reverting back to textbook definitions of feminism as "the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes."  Their polemics, of course, ignore that free birth-control and mass genocide of 57 million unborn babies have nothing to do with "equality of the sexes."

Emily Shire of The Daily Beast took a more nuanced approach,  that feminists everywhere should stop mocking the group, but instead befriend them, coddle them, and take them under their wing, so to speak. 

"Mocking Women Against Feminism validates their argument that they don’t belong in the movement and affirms their belief that feminism has no space for them," Shire said. "We—and by “we,” I mean feminists—need to be the bigger person in this battle. We need to make every effort to promote feminism as a big-tent movement, and we need to admit that it doesn’t always appear so welcoming." Of course, she says this after calling the group's criticisms "inane, unintelligent, and useless."

Cathy Young of Time is one of the few "feminists" who've given the group a fair hearing. She wrote in her article, "Women Against Feminism are asking the right questions. And they deserve to be heard, not harangued." That sounds more like it.

In a video for the BBC, anti-feminist blogger Janet Bloomfield responded to those labeling the group ignorant by saying, "I have a four-year undergraduate in film theory, which was all studied through feminism, believe me, I know what feminism is."