Woman Smuggles Gun into Prison in her Genitals

A New Mexico woman smuggled a handgun inside her genitals into an Albuquerque jail and then dumped the gun in the trash, according to police officials.

Josephine McAllister got the gun past at least four security officers who searched her while booking her on stolen credit card charges.  An inmate discovered the gun while taking out the trash and alerted officials.

McAllister, who was high on heroin, told police she did not hand the gun over out of fear she would get in more trouble, according to a criminal complaint obtained by the Albuquerque Journal.

McAllister said she had the gun in her waistband, but police disagree, saying it was unlikely. 

"We can only be so thorough, and that area is out of the question," Officer Simon Drobik told KOAT. "We cannot search a body cavity.".

McAllister did not plan to use the gun against prison officials, police authorities said. She will be charged with taking contraband into a place of imprisonment.