Who's Addicted? Senate Dems Talk Koch While Putin Pounces

Mention Koch brothers more than twice as often as Putin

While Vladimir Putin has Russia poised to invade and conquer additional parts of Ukraine, the Democrats in the U.S. Senate are laser-focused on a different threat- one far less relevant in geopolitical circles. The National Journal noted that Senate Democrats, who announced earlier their plans to use the phrase "Addicted to Koch" in campaigns this fall as an effort to tie Republicans to the Koch brothers, have themselves shown an unhealthy fixation with the libertarian billionaires:

But in March 2014, their names were called out 79 times—and no one cited them more than Reid. Already, the Koch brothers have been name-dropped 38 times in April.

Washington Free Beacon picked up on the trend as well, and noted that, so far in April, the Democrat's addiction to Koch has caused them to overlook other, more pressing threats:

So far this month, Senate Democrats have mentioned the Koch brothers more than twice as many times as they’ve mentioned Putin, who appears to be on the verge of invading the parts of Ukraine he hasn’t already annexed. Such are the Democratic Party’s priorities.