White House Doesn't Know If They've Been Forthcoming On Benghazi

In today's press briefing, Jay Carney had his feet held to the fire several times over Benghazi. Mark Knoller asked what should have been a simple question: Have you been forthcoming? Jay Carney's answer was was immediately comical.

KNOLLER: Do you believe the White House has been as open and forthcoming as it can be on this issue?

CARNEY: I really don't know how to answer that.

Well, there's a surprise. Carney went on to list a variety of disclosures or efforts that the Administration has undertaken, and then hilariously said they've done so because "they were being mischaracterized," and that reporters were "called up and lied to about what was in them, so we felt we had to set the record straight," referring back to his earlier accusations that this is a big, Fox News-driven conspiracy theory. 

So to sum up, Carney isn't sure how to answer, except to say that what they have done they've only done because Fox News and Republicans made them do it. Remarkable.