Whatever. Youth Vote May Spell Doom for Democrats in Midterms

Lower turnout than 2010 predicted

A new poll by Harvard's Institute for Politics paints a gloomy picture for Democratic candidates relying on the youth vote this fall.

A Washington Post article published Tuesday on the poll showed that the party whose Senate candidates benefited from higher than average youth turnout in 2012 can now expect the opposite for the next round of elections:

While 31 percent of young people (defined as 18 to 29 years old) said they were definitely going to vote in February 2010, just 24 percent say that in April 2014.

And not only did Democrats lose big in 2010; youth turnout in that election was down hugely from 2008 and one of the worst years on record.

The youth vote is considered an integral part of what some view as the "Obama coalition," which includes minorities as well. Obama carried the youth vote by more than 20 points in 2012, which was actually a decrease from the 30 point margin Democrats enjoyed in 2010.

Senate Democrats currently hold a five seat advantage over their Republican counterparts, so the GOP needs a total of six seats to regain control of the upper chamber this fall.