WH Spokesman: Dem Voters Don't Care to Read Hillary's Emails

Emails don't matter to Dems

According to White House spokesman Josh Earnest, the emails that the State Department has released and those it will not release don't really matter because Democratic voters are not interested in reading them.

Earnest made his comments during Friday's daily press briefing in Washington.

"I'm not really sure very many of them are," Earnest said about Democratic voters and whether they are interested in Clinton's secret email server.

Clinton's emails became an issue about a year ago as it became clear much of her communication during her tenure as Secretary of State was not found within government records. Since then there has been an ongoing push to get her emails released to the public.

On Friday it was revealed that at least 22 of the emails will not be released because they are classified as "top secret." Clinton defended using her private email account on a secret server by saying she didn't handle any classified material.