WH Reporters Heckle Over Obama's #EarthDay Travel Footprint

Do as I say, not as I fly.

Today, President Obama boarded Marine One to go to Air Force One to fly to Florida to drive by motorcade to the Everglades where dozens of reporters and others arrived by various mechanical contrivances to listen to President Obama give a speech about fighting global warming. The only thing "green" about that trip was the color of the helicopter he took to get to his jet.

Accordingly, many have pondered whether so much ostentatious travel is the best message to send on Earth Day. In fact, Mark Knoller asked Press Secretary Josh Earnest whether the trip "undermined" the President's message, to which Earnest convincingly replied, "No."

Just asking the question was enough to prompt giggles, chuckles, and perhaps a guffaw or two from the assorted media of the White House Press Corps. You can also hear someone say he could have taken a van, a nice shot across Hillary's bow. She, too, opted for the high life instead of the high road for Earth Day.

As you can plainly see, Dear Leader, like most who demand green contrition and penance, does not apply the new rules to himself. 

That's a Digitas Daily video so you'll want to watch past the closing filmstrip animation for the "bonus" footage. Transcript is available at Rabble Writer.