WH Calls NY Times Impartial, Fox Biased on Planned Parenthood Videos

The NY Times "can look at the facts and render an opinion and that's what they do."

A White House spokesman called the impartiality of Fox News into question while defending The New York Times as an impartial adjudicator of what is and is not true when it comes to the Planned Parenthood video releases.

During the daily White House press briefing, White House spokesman Josh Earnest cited impartial sources that called into question the videos that have been released about Planned Parenthood reportedly selling body parts for profit.

Asked by Fox News reporter Kevin Corke to cite these impartial sources, Earnest brought up The Times:

"That’s why I’m pointing out to you that the New York Times has described the release of these videos as a campaign of deception," Earnest said.

"You’re not calling the New York Times impartial are you?" Corke replied.

"Of course I am, Kevin," Earnest said.

"But Josh, seriously. You can’t say the Times is impartial about all things vis-a-vis Planned Parenthood. I’ve never seen them criticize Planned Parenthood for anything and yet you’re saying they are impartial somehow." 

Earnest, who has been quick to jump on Fox in the past took a backhanded swipe at the most popular cable news channel in America saying,  "I’m going to resist the urge to raise questions about partiality of any news organization in this room, particularly in the context of this discussion."

Earnest was later asked by Fred Lucas of TheBlaze whether he was relying on a Times editorial, by definition an opinion piece, in the same league as an impartial journalistic story.

"Yes I am," Earnest said. "I'm not saying that they don't have an opinion but I do think these are individuals who can look at the facts and render an opinion and that's what they do. In this case they call it a campaign of deception."

Earnest admitted that neither he nor the president have seen the videos and have no plans to watch them. He referred any questions about possible investigations to the Justice Department. The Obama administration has stood by Planned Parenthood throughout this latest scandal.

Liberal feminist Camille Paglia recently told Salon Magazine that she, as a former member of Planned Parenthood, was disturbed by the videos and thinks the mainstream media has been "shockingly unprofessional" in trying to bury the story to protect Planned Parenthood.