This Week in Progressive Lunacy: 'Hxstory' Because 'History' is Too Oppressive

Welcome to the new "College of Power and Liberation." No, seriously.

University student demands have gotten out of hand. It almost seems as if competing schools are trying to one-up each other for the most ridiculous requests. And taking top prize this week is the Student Assembly for Power and Liberation at Western Washington University. What do they win? A safe and nearly trigger-free spot on TruthRevolt's This Week in Progressive Lunacy.

Here's how the group describes itself via its demands list:

We are the Student Assembly for Power and Liberation. We are a growing group of students from a multitude of communities and disciplines around campus combatting [sic] the systemic oppression embedded within our society that is inevitably upheld through this institution, as it was created to uphold white supremacy at its core.

This group's demands mimic what a lot of other social justice protesters are demanding across American campuses: safe spaces, trigger warnings, segregated housing in the name of inclusiveness, free money, and diversity, diversity, diversity (except if you're white). But what sets Western Washington's protesters apart is their call for the creation of a new College of Power and Liberation dedicated to the study and training of social justice warriors.

And what's the first course on the syllabus? Well, not History, that's for sure. (Nor spelling, for that matter.) Instead, the College of Power and Liberation will teach "hxstory." You see, "history" has the word "his" in it and that carries the burden of too much cisgender male privilege to be relevant. Plus, actual history is violent and could be triggering to sensitive eyes and ears.

Maybe it's better to let the social justice warriors explain why "students must have power in deciding what subject areas and professors can teach at the college" as their petition states:

As has become increasingly obvious to us since we arrive [sic] at Western, we cannot count on the University to follow through for hxtorically oppressed students. These demands come out of a long hxstory of oppression played out at all levels of schooling, and just like the events of last quarter, these demands do not come out of nowhere. Rather, they come from careful consideration of what students need. We build these demands and this sense of ‘need’ on the understanding that all of these forms of oppression are racialized and are built on the continued expropriation of Native land and life, the enslavement of bodies, and the forced exploitation of people across the world.

Said the students who are currently occupying former "Native land" which their college campus expropriated. (Consistency is not their strong suit.)

By the way, they also prefer the term "persxn," because "son" is in "person" and... see the above explanation as to why that's offensive. Oh, the humxnity!

It's completely obvious to conservatives why this level of progressive lunacy is outrageous, but even a progressive outlet like The Daily Beast is having a hard time wrapping its mind around these demands. Writer Robby Soave describes these "appropriately termed" SJWs as people that are creating a "cartoonishly autocratic liberal thought police on campus." And as he points out, they aren't suggesting these as options for students who wish to partake, but "they want to push them on everybody." It's rather "totalitarian," he added:

Student-activists think they have all the answers—everything is settled, and people who dissent are not merely wrong, but actually guilty of something approaching a crime. If they persist in this wrongness, they are perpetuating violence, activists will claim.

And when you lose The Daily Beast on such progressive notions, you must really be digging in the bottom of the barrel.