Watchdog Group Challenges J Street to Condemn Palestinian War Crimes

"I dare you to post just once on Facebook about the PA’s continuous pro-war actions."

J Street Watch, a new watch dog group which aims to "expose J Street's misrepresentation of the facts," issued a simple challenge to J Street on Monday afternoon: condemn Palestinian war crimes. Writing at the Times of Israel, J Street Watch's founder Zach Stern called on J Street, which labels itself "pro-Israel, pro-peace" to take a stand against Palestinian calls for war and murder:

So here it is J Street: I dare you to post just once on Facebook about the PA’s continuous pro-war actions.

Just one post about incitement; or one post about glorification of terrorists. It’s an indisputable fact that this is happening, so stop ignoring it, especially if you claim to support Israel and peace.

Stern went as far as to even offer suggested posts for J Street to utilize:

Try this for a post: “We strongly opposes the PA naming schools and summer camps after the terrorists who have killed the most Jews.”

Or this: “LIKE and SHARE if you believe PA President Mahmoud Abbas must stop glorifying terrorists at heroes.”

Or post this: “Being a pro-peace organization, we condemn the continuous PA-sponsored incitement to hate and kill Jews. This incitement is a key obstacle to peace and must be dealt with at once.”

Feel free to use the examples above. The ball is in your court, J Street. Prove to me that you are actually pro-Israel and pro-peace.

Reached via email, Stern was quick to call out J Street U's behavior on college campuses:

J Street U is just another organization that spreads anti-Israel messages on campuses. It hosts people who support BDS and those who demonize Israel. J Street U is actually more dangerous than groups like SJP because it is a group of Jewish students spreading lies about Israel. The fact that they are Jewish gives them credibility in many people's eyes. Many students view SJP as crazy, but J Street U is able to spread the same anti-Israel messages in a discrete and credible way; and that's dangerous.

TruthRevolt has covered numerous instances of J Street U's questionable behavior, including students wearing t-shirts that read "resistance is not terrorism" and various chapters partnering with the anti-Israel group Students for Justice in Palestine.