WATCH: ’The Simpsons’ Perfectly Skewers College SJWs

“Our students are highly entitled wusses.”

Just as the long-airing animated series The Simpsons did last month when they lambasted the “trophies for everyone” philosophy, the cartoon characters of the fictional town of Springfield have discovered another target-rich environment: American college campuses.

In its latest episode, The Simpsons take on the snowflake culture at Yale University and perfectly skewered the group-think of these social justice warriors who find just about everything offensive. Yale is inundated with SJWs demanding buildings to be renamed and asking for “inappropriate” Halloween costumes to be outlawed -- the important stuff, you know, besides an education, of course.

And it’s much of the same at cartoon Yale. When Mr. Burns shows up to offer an endowment for a Department of Nuclear Plant Management, he is told the school can’t do “nuclear.” 

Why? Because “our students are highly entitled wusses.”

“You’d be creating a space for violence to happen,” the reasons continued.

Instead, Mr. Burns is prompted to fund a chair in “the non-narrative cinema of self-identified pansexuals," a suggestion that falls completely flat.

Mr. Burns is also told that nuclear energy is too “hetero-patriarchal” and will require the  hire of “multi-cultural empathizers” and the construction of a new safe space.

Mr. Burns asks the million dollar question: “What’s happened to this place?”

It’s nice to see that even a show full of liberal talents has had enough and can't help but mock some of the more ridiculous members in their own club.