Watch: Muslims Interrupt Memorial For Munich Victims, Chant 'Allah'hu Akbar!'

But you know, this has nothing to do with Islam.

The video posted above provides footage of Muslims interrupting a memorial held on Sunday for victims of the recent Munich attack. The group of Muslims, many of whom are young men, can be heard shouting "Allah'hu Akbar!"

German vigil-holders were enraged and confronted the Muslim group, some used profanity. Police attempted to quell the escalation, but understandably those present to pay their respects to the dead were having none of it.  

Last week an Iranian-German teen named Ali Sonboly lured children to a local MacDonald's where he carried out a massacre. He, too, screamed "Allah'hu Akbar" before opening fire, according to a witness present (who, by the way, identified herself as Muslim). At least nine were killed and 16 were injured. 

The mainstream media and German authorities have attempted to sell the narrative that Ali was not motivated by Islam, nor was it an act of terrorism. They claim, rather, that the troubled youth suffered from psychiatric disorders.

Odd, then, that a group of Muslim men would disrespectfully interrupt the memorial service to chant "Allah'hu Akbar." Clearly they didn't get the memo that the attack "wasn't terrorism."

Worse still is the fact that not only are terrorists free to operate from within these Western societies, but when terror-sympathizers and enablers brazenly show their faces (and true intentions) in public, authorities do nothing about it.