Watch Electronic Voting Machine Switch To Democrat After Selecting GOP Candidate

Improper calibration or user error?

A Moline, Illinois man filmed his votes on an electronic voting machine erroneously switching to the Democrat candidate after he had selected his preferred Republican candidate.

The man explains that he had heard about the machines having problems on the news and decided to film when it started happening to him. The clip shows the error happening in two separate categories.

Some who have watched the video posted to YouTube say the man's fingers are touching too high on the display and therefore he is to blame for the error. Slow motion frames are included in the video for added clarity. Perhaps the angle of the camera lends to the uncertainty.

County Clerk Karen Kinney, as indicated in the video, assured that "there is nothing wrong" and believes because only Republicans are complaining, it must be a part of some larger conspiracy. She also cites "human error" -- recalling a woman with "three-inch long fingernails" complaining that her GOP votes were switching to Democrat. 

However, this is not the first complaint of its kind. Another Illinois county experienced the same problem in its local library Monday. A Fox News report describes Republican state representative candidate Jim Moynihan attempting to place a vote for himself only for the machine to select his Democrat opponent. He also experienced this glitch across several categories. He notified the election judge who was able to allow Moynihan to cast his Republican votes. 

That machine was taken out of service and tested. It was found that the machine had been improperly calibrated.

In even another case, "scores" of Maryland citizens have reported the same problem. The state election board said twelve machines were "thoroughly tested" but "the problem could not be replicated." It is reported that other machines that were in error were taken out of service. The board says it experiences this every election and blames long nails and large fingers for most of the problems. State GOP members are asking for a more thorough investigation.

Watch the video above and decide for yourself.