WATCH: College Students Slam Betsy DeVos, Then Agree With Her Views

“I’m not 100% educated to make an informed decision…” Duh!

This video is hilarious! But it’s also an insightful look into the void of the uneducated minds filling our nation’s campuses.

Hypeline talked with a few students who had plenty to say about President Trump’s new Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. They chided her for being “grossly unqualified” for the task and described her as someone who will “destroy the education system of America.” One even thought she was “elected” and couldn’t understand why, proving they know absolutely nothing about her. 

But when they were asked to weigh in on the same views on education supported by DeVos— vouchers and school choice — those same haters suddenly LOVED those ideas… until they found out they were DeVos’s and tried to backstep their own hypocrisy.

It’s fantastically entertaining (and worrisome). Watch above!