WATCH: College Progressives Act Like Hysterical Children at Conservative Event

This is the graduating class of the year two-thousand-and-offended.

You've already seen, and no doubt enjoyed, Steven Crowder's epic takedown of the social justice warriors that relentlessly heckled a conservative discussion panel he was on with Milo Yiannopoulos and Christina Hoff Sommers at the University of Massachusetts this week. But what you need to see is exactly whom they were up against.

Children. That's the best way to describe them. There is a reason they are called "crybullies" as a play on the word "crybabies." These so-called adult students are so completely out of control, their skin can barely contain their rage.

The performance given by the young woman at the 1:40 mark may have secured her place as THE poster child for campus crybullies. She absolutely loses her mind. She yelled to Sommers, who was trying to quiet their voices, "Stop talking to us like children!"

Sommers brilliantly responded, "Then stop acting like a child." Something the young woman has undoubtedly never heard in her life.

And she wasn't the only one making noise; others in the room were jumping out of their seats and shouting down every word the panelists attempted to say. And when they were told to quiet down, they suddenly wanted to invoke the same First Amendment rights they were denying the speakers.

The protesters were constantly reminded that the intention of this panel was to open it up for a Q & A session where they could properly air their grievances in a civilized manner if they wished, but they were too triggered by the "hate speech" to wait.

This is the graduating class of the year two-thousand-and-offended.