WATCH: 10 Years of Media Gushing Over Barack Hussein Obama

It started with a “thrill” going up Chris Matthews’s leg.

It seemed like only yesterday when MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was hit with a “thrill” going up his leg after hearing Barack Obama speak but the media love affair lasted eight more years and will no doubt linger for years to come.

The Media Research Center has compiled a decade’s worth of footage condensed into a short, five-minute video displaying the ultimate in media sycophancy over President Obama. From various journalists, reporters, and anchors declaring him to be just like George Washington, to “the perfect American,” to “our national poet,” the mainstream media has all but crowned Obama the messiah. 

“President Obama is the most noble man who has ever lived in the White House,” Lawrence O’Donnell once assessed from nearly 250 years of American history. And that's exactly the kind of kudos Obama received on a nightly basis throughout his presidency.

The video could be much longer but seeing as we all just lived through it, how much more can we really take?

“Barack Obama has been the lucky recipient of more biased, positive ‘news’ media coverage than any other President in history,” MRCTV states. However, “With the Democratic Party defeated, ObamaCare set for repeal, and incoming President Donald Trump poised to revoke a host of his executive orders, Obama’s actual legacy will likely fall far short of what his media fan club once imagined.”

Watch below: