Washington Post's Milbank: GOP Won't Go After Sebelius Because She's White

Milbank implied to Al Sharpton that the GOP has not politically targeted HHS Secretary Sebelius because she is white

During a segment on Thursday's Politics Nation with Al Sharpton, frequent guest Dana Milbank insinuated that the GOP only has issues with Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama because the GOP is racist. During a segment with Sharpton and MSNBC's Karen Finney about Kathleen Sebelius resigning, Milbank wondered why the Republicans on the Hill do not target her more considering she was the one who implemented Obamacare.

Milbank stated,

... so let's compare Holder to Kathleen Sebelius, who has presided over Obamacare which is the thing that has most antagonized the Right and the Republicans over all these years. You're not seeing calls for her impeachment, you're not seeing the same level of personal vitriol. So I think, that's why again it's fair to ask the question, and let every individual say why it is that they have that particular antipathy toward this attorney general and toward this president and why not, say, toward Kathleen Sebelius who they're obviously at odds with.

Milbank's own employer, The Washington Post, had an article in October of 2013 naming more than thirty House Republicans who were calling for Sebelius to resign.