Washington and Wisconsin Pass Anti-Drone Laws

Washington becomes the tenth state to ban the use of drones and voted Monday to ban government surveillance.

Washington state passed a law Monday limiting the government's use of drones to situations where a warrant is given, during military training, and some limited cases where there is an emergency of immediate danger of death. Drones could also be used to monitor wildlife and the environment.

Supporters of the legislation, HB 2789, said they approved of the language because of concerns that many private citizens could be spied on by the government and not even know it. 

The State House side also passed HB 2178 stating, 

...drones, including those capable of gathering personal information such as photos, could be used on private property if landowners or tenants give permission and if the drones are labeled with the owner’s contact information.

There is no known language within either bill that would limit the purchase of drones for private use or require owners to register them with the state. Both bills are heading to the state senate for a vote.

In Wisconsin, the state senate voted Tuesday to make it a crime to deploy a drone with audio and video capabilities. It would also make it a crime to obtain or own a "weaponized" drone.