Warren: Obama Chooses Wall St. Over American Families

Supports one percenters at expense of middle class

Massachusetts Senator and potential 2016 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren criticized President Barack Obama for favoring the nation's elites Monday, in an interview with HuffPost Live

While crediting Obama for supporting her financial reform legislation, Warren repeated the critiques she makes in her book, "Hard Choices," in which she asserts that the White House's cozy relationship with the country's banks and financial interests has come at the expense of the "Main Street" crowd so much of the president's rhetoric is focused toward:

"I've made no secret about my disagreements with the administration's policies, particularly as they relate to the largest financial institutions," Warren told HuffPost Live. "Like I say in the book, the president chose his economic team, and when there was only so much time and so much money to go around, his economic team chose Wall Street instead of American families who were in trouble."