WaPo’s Social Justice Journalists Track Police Shootings, Conclude Cops Are Racist

Compiling data that fits the narrative.

Police use of deadly force remained virtually unchanged this year over last despite the virulent anti-cop rhetoric that continues to thrive among social justice warriors. However, civilians killing cops grew exponentially this year. But after The Washington Post looked at the data, it could only find fault with "racist" law enforcement officers.

The Washington Post did its own research and found that there were 957 fatal police shootings in 2016, which is actually down from last year when there were 991 fatal police shootings. The article informs the reader that the paper decided to begin tracking police shootings after the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, Missouri. And that’s where its social justice journalists (SJJs) come into play, pointing out the “disproportionate number” of blacks killed by police officers.

“The Post, for two years in a row, has documented more than twice the number of fatal shootings recorded by the FBI annually on average,” boasts the writers. “As was the case in 2015, a disproportionate number of those killed this year were black, and about a quarter involved someone who had a mental illness. In a notable shift from 2015, more of the fatal shootings this year were captured on video.”

But in addition to this so-called disparity, the WaPo also discovered in its research that “white males continued to be those most often killed” just like they were in 2015. But when the SJJs “adjusted by population, black males were three times as likely to die as their white counterparts.” Like much other “research” of this kind, the disproportionate rate at which blacks commit crimes above their white counterparts was not taken into account. The article did, however, find that of those shot and killed, 84% were armed with a gun or knife, but it never hints as though the shootings were justified; only that cops are obviously racist in choosing whom to shoot.

Then the article focused on the most controversial fatal police shootings of the year of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and Keith Lamont Scott, making it much clearer that the intent of the piece is to stoke anti-cop sentiment.

In contrast, a single paragraph was devoted to the alarming fact that officers shot in the line of duty increased substantially this year over last with 62 officers killed by civilians up from 39 in 2015. (The numbers were 48 in 2014 and 31 in 2013.) 

The rest of the lengthy article focused on police reform and included a parting shot at President-elect Donald Trump’s belief that the federal government shouldn’t be in the business of managing local and state law enforcement and that those jurisdictions should manage themselves.

The Post can't consider itself a serious news source when its journalists are skewing the data to fit the predetermined narrative. Readers have caught on and are calling them out, as sampled below:

12/31/2016 12:05 PM CST [Edited]
First, Thank you Steven Rich and Julie Tate for putting together this data. And, I am glad you are working with the FBI to help to improve your data and theirs.  
On the other hand, rotten tomatoes to Kimbriell Kelly and Wesley Lowery, two Social Justice Warriors who have a pattern of pushing a police-hating agenda, a race-baiting agenda, and injecting BIAS into their reporting. It is ironic that two black journalists who fight against bias and prejudice would use bias and prejudice in their reporting. It leads to NOT TRUSTING THEIR REPORTING. And, what is biased and prejudiced reporting?...yeah, FAKE NEWS.  
There is some real news here in the comparing data from previous years. But it is wrapped around a narrative of police hate, gun-hate, white hate and skewing the narrative to attempt to emancipate criminal behavior and legalize thug culture.  
These Social Justice Journalists fill the article with anecdotes that don't represent the typical police encounters. They also mix legitimate use of force by police with unlawful use of force by police, trying to associate the two and influence the reader to think they are all unlawful.  
These Social Justice Journalists also try to blame whiteness in how they present the narrative. Race does play a role: 3X as many black citizens commit serious crimes than white citizens on a percentage basis. This would then explain why blacks are 3X as likely to get shot.