WaPo: Honor Selma, Bring Back Voting Rights Act

Dionne calls for mandatory voting

Uber liberal WaPo columnist E.J. Dionne has used Saturday's Selma anniversary march to call for a major overhaul of how America votes.

Dionne not only wants a re-instatement of the Voting Rights Act, he wants Australian-style mandatory voting for every citizen.

"At a minimum, Congress should honor Selma by restoring an effective Voting Rights Act, once a bipartisan cause. Why should Republicans walk away from their party’s most commendable traditions?

But let’s be more adventurous and make voting in federal elections an obligation of citizenship."

The Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965, placing strict measures on how elections must be run in certain states. The Supreme Court effectively struck down the law in 2013, ruling that the law was, "...based on 40 year-old facts having no logical relationship to the present day." 

Australia requires every citizen over the age of 18 to vote or face penalty. The idea of forcing people to vote is popular among progressive intellectuals but has never taken hold with the general population.