WaPo Helps Determine Which Country to Move to if Trump is Elected

"[I]f the idea of President Trump seems like too much to bear, here’s a guide to where in the world you may want to claim asylum, depending on what, specifically, you dislike most about him."

The Washington Post published a handy guide to help those who are promising to flee the United States if Donald Trump is elected president to help them find a new place of residence.

Written by Ishaan Tharoor, not a huge Trump fan if his Twitter feed has anything to say about it, the guide aims to make it easy to choose a new home based on what bugs one most about the reality-TV-star-turned-Republican presidential candidate.

For instance, if "you find his coarse behavior obnoxious," try moving to Bhutan in the Himalayas where a 17th century traditional code of etiquette, still in place, ensures polite conduct. Too bad violent crimes, though quite low, still happen there (as noted).

Perhaps "you like the idea of people being 'politically correct.' If so, try Canada," Tharoor says. They're very multicultural and are so against Islamophobia that liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau personally welcomed 25,000 Syrian refugees upon their arrival at the airport. "No Muslim bans in the Great White North!" exclaims the writer.

Or maybe "you think he's a misogynist" and doesn't appreciate women (he HAS had several wives). Well, Iceland may be just what you're looking for: "The North Atlantic island was the first nation to democratically elect a female head of state (in 1980), mandates that women make up at least 40 percent of the executive boards of all companies and offers paid parental leave to fathers as well as mothers."

You could try Uruguay if "you trust the federal government more than private industry." Heck, Tharoor boasts of this country's legalization of marijuana and same-sex marriage, both fully controlled and regulated by its government.

And if you're someone who doesn't believe Trump is "tough enough on abortion," Tharoor suggests Malta, where all abortions, no matter the reason, are outlawed.

Some WaPo readers responded in the comments wanting to know when the same type of guide will be published for other candidates. And others offered to help fund the moves of those who want to leave:

"What an absurd piece of crap article for the WAPO. Please let me know when you publish the list of countries I should move to when we elect Clinton... This newspaper is a shill and Ben Bradley would be ashamed."

"Do any of these people who want to leave have GoFundMe accounts?"

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