Virtuous Hollywood Lectures in New Anti-Gun PSA

We're surprised they weren't too busy acting with pretend guns.

Hollywood is in a shambles right now with revelations of rampant sexual abuse by the powerful against up-and-coming actors. It seems that no man, woman, or child is safe from the clutches of the self-serving elitists who provide America with entertainment. A wave of actors and actresses are coming forward and telling sordid tales of rape and sexual assault; secrets that if revealed decades ago, could’ve saved others from similar fates. So, it makes sense that with all moral credibility lost in Hollywood, top actors would feel the need to lecture us all on the evil of guns.

On Wednesday, a new PSA was posted online by the non-profit Everytown for Gun Safety, which was formed after the Sandy Hook shooting, that called on others to “reject the NRA’s radical agenda.”

Multiple celebrities read from the script:

“The mass shooting in Las Vegas has all of us grieving, scared, and angry. Knowing what to do about it can be confusing. Here’s one thing that can make a difference right now that only takes five minutes of your time. All you have to do is text REJECT to 644-33. It’ll connect you to Everytown for Gun Safety. You’ll get a call right back from Everytown for Gun Safety, connecting you with your lawmaker, and giving you guidelines on what to say.”

What callers will be told to pass on to their representative is to “oppose the SHARE Act, which would roll back gun silencer safety laws.” By using “silencer” as opposed to “suppressor,” the clueless celebs are allowed to spread fear by insisting mass shootings will be “even more deadly” because victims won’t be able to hear the gun. These actors have been taught by the same Hollywood that has misinformed the public for decades: “silencers” don’t actually silence guns to a whisper like in the movies. It’s still loud enough to hear and certainly won’t make a fired round more deadly.

The next order of business is telling Congress to “oppose concealed carry reciprocity legislation,” which Moby — yes, Moby — says will “gut” state gun laws by allowing permit holders to carry concealed across state lines, and thereby make communities “less safe.”

“I feel strongly that the time has come to reject the NRA’s dangerous agenda and put the safety of all Americans first. Please protect us," the celebrities plead.

Actors featured in the video don’t feel the least bit hypocritical to lecture everyone on the dangers of guns while profiting from using pretend ones in their own movies, as TruthRevolt’s Alex Parker highlighted here.

There’s Julianne Moore, whose latest film, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, is packed with machine guns:

There’s Melissa McCarthy:

There’s Laura Dern:

And there's even funny man, Bill Hader, who once appeared in an SNL sketch loaded with gun violence:


That was just a joke, though. Right, Bill?

But in the end, they all agree with sex abuser Harvey Weinstein, who once said, “I don't think people need guns in this country, and I hate it. And I think the NRA is a disaster area."

Hollywood keeps great company.

H/T Newsbusters