Violent Migrant Teens Exploit German System, Flaunt Gangsta Rap Culture

They love Nike, wads of cash, selling drugs, and Allah.

German magazine die Welt has released a damning report about the rise in teenage migrants in Germany who are exploiting the loose refugee system and finding ways to fund their newfound gangsta rap lifestyles through selling drugs and feeding off government assistance. Breitbart London hosted the translation of what has been uncovered.

"Receiving generous benefits from the German government and moving from one under-age migrant home to another invokes the old Victorian era idea of the European Grand Tours that aristocrats and the wealthy would take to enrich themselves in the culture of the continent," states the report. "The young people in this case have used German hospitality to commit crimes, sexually abuse women and have the time of their lives, while not one has been deported."

The young culprits hail mostly from North Africa and are flaunting their exploits on social media as they bounce around various children's asylum centers around the country. Reports of robbery, drug dealing, violence, and threats follow them everywhere they go. Breitbart notes: 

The photos consist of the migrants flashing off expensive watches, a group shot of themselves on the hood of a German police car, and arm in arm at a nightclub. Their lives seem to be a bizarre mix of a school field trip and an attempt to emulate American gangster culture.

What is making matters worse is that many of these teens are lying about their age, with some of them actually being in their 20s, and they are getting away with it. 

And the cost goes beyond those lives that have been affected by the crimes of these young migrants. Estimates show that it costs German taxpayers 40,000 to 60,000 euros per year for each child, or lying adult, to keep them afloat in the system.

The picture above shows how much they appreciate the safety and freedom Germany has provided them free of charge and consequence.