‘The View’s’ Raven-Symone Thinks Trump is Behind Steinle Murder

More insightful political commentary from The View.

On daytime TV's inexplicably popular gabfest The View, featuring such insightful political pundits over the years as Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O'Donnell, new co-host Raven-Symone posited an interesting, if insane, theory about the real perpetrator of illegal alien Francisco Sanchez's murder of Kathryn Steinle: Donald Trump.

Former child star Raven-Symone considers the circumstances of the San Francisco woman's murder at the hands of a multi-felonious five-time-deportee to be "a conspiracy theorist's dream" - and in her mind, the conspiracy apparently involves presidential candidate Trump and the federal agent from whom the murder weapon had been stolen months before.

RAVEN-SYMONE: Doesn't anyone find it interesting that this happened as soon as Trump started to talk about this [illegal immigration and crime]? He [Sanchez] randomly found a gun from a federal agent?  

WALLACE [sarcastic]: I'm pretty sure the criminal wasn't watching CNN. 

RAVEN-SYMONE: No, but look at the news. They reported it. They should have been showing more of these beforehand, for instance. I just feel it's very interesting. And how do you feel about Trump talking about Hillary, about how if she's president, there's going to be just a flood of murders and a flood of things going on. I think he's very wrong in saying that.

 It would be easy to dismiss the kooky opinions of these uninformed celebrities if only they weren't provided with such influential soapboxes and megaphones as The View.

H/t Newsbusters