'The View' Hosts Struggle to Accept that Media has a Liberal Bias

“That’s not true. Only if you watch Fox News everyday."

The ladies on The View got into a tussle of words on Tuesday over whether or not the media has a liberal bias. When Fox News's Jedediah Bila suggested that journalists are overwhelmingly biased, the rest of the panel imploded and assured her she was dead wrong.

"I don't believe that," said CNN's Sunny Hostin, the most vehement of the group. "That's not true. Only if you watch Fox News everyday."

Bila informed the ladies that only 7% of reporters identify as Republican, which would indicate that the majority of journalists are politically biased. Not to mention the training they receive while in journalism school, which is also skewed left.

Hostin recoiled, "That's so ludicrous." She then called Bila's assessment "dangerous:"

"I think it’s very dangerous because what you're saying because you're saying the media is biased in terms of government influence over -- and I think covert censorship. What you see in North Korea… We don't see that.  That's a true definition of media bias, Jed."

Hostin then listed "true journalists" she believes in no way hold a liberal bias: the likes of Barbara Walters, Anderson Cooper or Christiane Amanpour.

"This notion that the media is biased," Hostin aimed at Bila, "you’re like throwing flames out there."

"True journalists tell a story down the line," Hostin added. "So, the suggestion you're making is the media is biased, it’s dangerous and wrong."

Meanwhile, Joy Behar chimed in that when she watches CNN (Hostin's network) she is always pleasantly surprised at how fair and balanced its news reports are. 

"They always make it a point to show both sides," Behar said. "To the point where I'm screaming sometimes."

In the end, the hosts just couldn't get on the same page. Watch them struggle above.

H/T Newsbusters